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Borgström, Björn : "Chet Baker", Stockholm 1990, 74 pages, illustrated.
Biographical sketch with good photos from Christer Landergren and a record listing.

De Valk, Jeroen : "Chet Baker. Herinneringen aan een lyrisch trompetist", Amsterdam, 1989
178 illustrated pages. Biography incl. record listing.
German translation in 1991.

Gjesing, Michael Voss : "Chet for sale", Aarhus 1990, 124 pages + supplement.
An in-depth analysis of the elements in Chetīs playing, as exemplified by three recordings.
Incl. a good biography. A great example of scientific jazz research.

Joos, Herbert : "Chet - an illustrated portrait", Feilbach, 1990.
A beatiful work of art, full of Joosī drawings of Baker, often based on photographs.
Poems and quotations written next to the pictures.
A very expensive book, but in its 20" x 17", itīs a work of love, if there ever was one.

Labarriere, Dominique : "Romance sans Lumiere (elogé de Chet Baker)", Bognolet 1991
32 illustrated pages.

Lewien, Lothar : "Chet Baker Blue Notes", Vienna 1991.171 illustrated pages.
Not a traditionel biography, rather a very personal statement, an "homage" that reflects the ompressions that Bakerīs music has had on a listener with an open mind. Incl. a useful CD-discography.

Sjoegren, Torbjoern and Lerfeldt, Hans Henrik : "Chet - The discography of Henry Chesney Baker".Copenhagen 1985.
18+128 illustrated pages. Extensive discography, but out-dated by the following book.

Sjoegren, Torbjoern : "Chet - The music of Henry Chesney Baker".Copenhagen 1993.
Probably the best Baker-discography (this list has been compiled by mr. Sjoegren). Distributed by Jazz Media, Dortheavej 39, DK-2400, Copenhagen NV, Denmark.

Weber, Bruce : "Letīs get lost starring Chet Baker - A film journal", New York 1988.
All phases of Bakerīs life documented in over 160 pages of photos.

Wollmann, Thorsten : "Chet Bakerīs solos", Germany 1988, 30 pages.
Transscriptions of Bakers solos on the LPs "daybreak" and "someday my prince will come", as played on oct. 4th, 1979.

Wulff, Ingo : "Chet Baker in concert", Kiel 1989.
64 illustrated pages. A report in photos and musicianīs statements of Bakers concert in Kiel on dec. 6th, 1985.

Whitford, Larry (editor) : "Chetīs Choice", Raleigh - North Carolina 1991-1996.
Periodical, devoted to Bakerīs music. A "con amore" project.

Boncompagni, Lola and Lastella, Aldo : "Chet Baker in Italia", Italy 1991.
22 illustrated interviews with musicians who played with Baker during the period 1955 through 1988.
Also in English : "Chet Baker in Italy", Rome 1992.
71 pages, 12 postcards and a 3" CD.

Rouy, Gerard : "Chet Baker", Paris 1992. 219 illustrated pages in french.
Biography and discography focused on CD-releases.

Wulff, Ingo (editor) : "Chet Baker in Europe 1975-1988", Kiel 1993. CD-enclosed.
Almost 200 B/W photos from Bakerīs european years with short statements from musicians, heplayed with. Also a useful CD-discography covering the period. A very beautiful book.

Chet Baker, Carol Baker (Introduction) As Though I Had Wings : The Lost MemoirSt Martins Pr. (Trade). Hardcover, 128 pages
ISBN: 0312167970
Autobiography. Check out for further info.

Itīs rumoured, that James Gavin is writing on a biography.



This list is far from complete, but come back soon for more.

Letīs Get Lost (1988). Buy the movie
A brilliant documentary about Chetīs life.

Nuit la plus longue (1964).
Sexmovie. Music by Chet Baker.

Le Concerto de la Peur (1962)
Music by Chet Baker.

Le Jumeau (1984)
Trumpet solo in movie.

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